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Checklist for Forklift Truck


Check List Forklift in Excel The forklift is one of the essential tools in warehouses, warehouses, and in every company that needs to move and store goods in large volumes and with great weight. However, without a greater care, this equipment can bring great risks.


What is a forklift for?

Forklift trucks are machines that provide agility and practicality to the logistics area of every type of company. These tools are used to load, move, and, as the name says, stack materials – but only materials, people cannot be lifted on forklifts, even in protective crates.

With a forklift, the work of the employees responsible for these tasks becomes much easier.

The main difference between the forklift trucks we find on the market today concerns the power source that drives them.

Combustion forklift trucks, powered by various types of fuel such as diesel, gasoline, etc. were the first to be created.

Electric forklifts came later, due to the needs of certain sectors, which needed vehicles that did not emit any type of pollutant, such as the food industry, for example.


How to do the Forklift Truck CheckList

The CheckList is a list with the main items related to a certain activity or function fulfillment, which consists of the identification and verification of the conditions of equipment, machines, tools, work places, among others.

There is no standard model of checklist for forklift trucks, normally, each company establishes its own model according to the technical knowledge of the preparer, the characteristics of the forklift truck and the occupational health and safety policy, among others.

Excel spreadsheet for Forklift ready and editable, for various branches of Forklift, the largest collection of spreadsheets for you to edit and use in their day to day.

But as for the checklist, checking the driver’s qualification refers to checking the correct training mentioned. Regardless of the CNH, the driver needs to present the document that accredits him/her to drive the equipment.

And the Forklift Truck CheckList Worksheet is the indispensable tool for this diverse type. It follows all the steps completely, and is totally automated. Collaborating with the useful life of the equipment itself, and ensuring that damage to surrounding workers is avoided.

In it you will manage your maintenance activities with a complete control of Service Orders, Resources, and Schedules that will facilitate the manager’s daily routine.

It is no longer a spreadsheet or any basic software that has some limited and missing functionalities. It is a fundamental tool in their daily routine because it is totally complete.


The importance of having CheckList software to facilitate the process

Checking all the items presented and ensuring that everything is within the established standards is certainly a time-consuming and complex job. An oversight during these steps is enough to have serious consequences.

In the technological age, there is no need to take this kind of risk anymore. Adopting checklist software will not only facilitate the work, but also decrease the error rate. More than that, the software can bring benefits that go beyond, for example:

it ends noise or information delay;
eliminates rework (without failures, there is no reason to do the same thing twice);
compares data and presents indicators in real time;
notifies the team and responsible professionals quickly;
increases productivity and delivers a better quality service to the end client.
In short, the forklift checklist is a task that must be taken very seriously. A superficial and sporadic check is not enough; ensuring the safety of everyone is always the best thing for any company. In addition, it is essential to maintain a preventive maintenance plan and ensure the continuous operation of the equipment.

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