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Collection Control Worksheet

Spreadsheet for Payment and Collection Control. It assists in payment management and financial control in an analytical way. It allows the analysis of data such as payment installments for a certain client, besides the view about the months in the year, values that are owed, those already recovered, agreements made per month, among other information.


Payment and Collection Control Worksheet. Assists in the management of payments and financial control in an analyst way. Allowing the analysis of data such as payment installments for a specific customer, in addition to the view about the months of the year, amounts that are due, those already recovered, agreements made per month, among other information.

With the Payment and Collection Control Worksheet, it will be possible to have a better management of financial control over a year, where you will be able to register:


-Balance being due

-Contact Details

-If any Contract and Agreement was entered into

-Date of agreement

-Payment deadline

-Negotiated value

-Amount of installments

E From the registered data, it is possible to monitor all this financial control, and whenever you make a charge, insert it in the “Payments” module, where you will insert:</span >

-Customer Name

-Payment date

-Amount Paid

After these data have already been registered, it is possible to view in the Dashboard, some information such as: The Number of Agreements Made, The Due and Recovered Amounts per month, as well as the relationship between Debtors and Agreements Made.

Therefore ensuring that all your finances are regularly checked over any outstanding payments and amounts over the course of a year.



1 – Can I install on more than one computer?

Answer: Yes. You can install it on as many computers as you need.

2 – Do you have to pay monthly fees?

Answer: No. The purchase is a one-time payment and there are no monthly fees or extra fees.

3 – Does the spreadsheet work on any version of Excel and Windows?

Answer: The spreadsheet works in Excel 2010, 2013 and 2016 versions.

4 – In case of inconsistencies in the spreadsheet or execution problems, how will the technical assistance be?

Answer: Assistance will be free from Monday to Friday from 8 am to 6 pm and can be via email, WhatsApp and, if necessary, via remote access (TeamViewer – by appointment).

6 – I want to make changes or modifications to the spreadsheet. Is this included in the package for free?

Answer: No. Change requests that tend to modify or change the structure of the spreadsheet are not included in the assistance package. If the Customer wants changes, it is necessary to make a quotation with the development sector.

7 – Is the program sold with open VBA code?

Answer: Yes, Spreadsheet sold fully unlocked.

8 – If I have to format my computer, do I have to buy the program again?

Answer: No. Just save the program to a PenDrive or download the email again.

9 – Does it work on MAC?

Answer: Yes.

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