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Construction Proposal Template

The Construction Proposal Worksheet is a very useful tool for managing construction in all aspects.


Every construction project is different, so it is important to choose an Excel template that fits the specific needs of your project.

A construction spreadsheet template can be as simple or as complex as you want it to be.

Excel Coaching’s Construction Proposal Spreadsheet will help you organize the finances of your construction project.

It has the information from the table registered: just put the corresponding information from the table and the spreadsheet calculates all the information.

This construction budget spreadsheet in .xlsx format (which you can use in Excel or another spreadsheet tool like Google Sheets) will bring assertiveness to your construction cost planning.

The cost of an enterprise is in fact one of the pillars for the viability or not of the project.

For this reason, the professional can develop budget spreadsheets quickly and consistently, by applying functions, formulas, linked and dynamic tables, to extract accurate data safely and reliably.


What is a Cost Estimate

Imagine you need to buy food to make a dinner party. Before you even leave home, you need to make a shopping list, with all the items you need to cook the chosen dishes.

In addition, the construction budget is fundamental for the control and management of expenses of each venture of your company.

That is why we offer this free construction budget spreadsheet, for you to improve the management of your construction works and your company.

The Construction Budget template is useful for both renovation and construction projects. This template allows you to create a comprehensive construction project budget and ensures that you count all the important items in one list.

Additionally, while your construction project is underway, use this spreadsheet as a base to check whether your expenditures are over or under the estimated amounts.

Making a good construction budget also helps to keep purchases organized, avoid material shortages, and plan the work of the construction crews.

In addition, the budget is essential to improve the management of the work and control your company’s expenses with each project.

What Makes Up a Cost Estimate?

In general, a construction budget consists of the costs with applied labor, materials used, equipment, and subcontractors hired (if any).

Therefore, the smallest of items should be indicated, along with their respective quantities: cement and sand trucks/bags, how many masons, carpenters and helpers should be hired, for how long and for what salary, the value of renting or buying equipment, and so on.

The budget goes beyond prices, costs and calculations. It has a wider scope, serving as a basis for tasks such as

Purchase planning;
Partnerships with suppliers;
Follow-up indexes;
Performance targets throughout the works;
Definition of the size of the teams allocated for each phase;
Physical-financial project schedule.
The spreadsheet will help you organize the finances of your project: just feed this document with all the expenses foreseen in your project.

How the spreadsheet works Construction Proposal

The Construction Proposal in Excel has all the necessary subjects and data for a proposal. The worksheet contains spaces such as: Logo, Company Name, Phone, Client, Quantity, Description, Unit Price, Amount, Budget Number, Date, Address, City, State, Zip, Phone, Email, Seller, Project, Preparer, and many other data.

All this, making the calculations automatically and avoiding errors. Because it is notorious that a lot of time and effort is consumed that could be saved when making a proposal. however, despite being a simple task, it becomes a bit complex when making a proposal and laborious.

A contractor can use this budget template to submit a construction proposal. It includes a breakdown of all material and labor costs associated with the job at hand

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