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Freight Simulator Worksheet

The Freight Simulator Worksheet is a very useful tool for controlling the finances and monthly expenses of any company.


The Freight Simulator Worksheet is a very useful tool for controlling the finances and monthly expenses of any company.

Your company is small, but the need for organization is huge. As the structure is lean and resources are scarcer, all efforts must have the objective of optimizing processes and reducing costs.

In this sample freight simulator spreadsheet in Excel you can do financial planning and management. This spreadsheet is an example of freight simulation, just insert or change the data.

Freight calculation is one of the most difficult parts of a carrier’s business. After all, there are many factors involved in making a truck freight, such as: operating costs, taxes, freight service fees, and the company’s profit.

Who can use the Freight Simulator Worksheet?

Entrepreneurs of road freight transport
The freight calculation spreadsheets were made thinking of the small businessman of the transport branch, who constantly needs to calculate his costs, and quickly know the correct values to charge his clients. Every time it is necessary to make a quotation, one of the road freight calculation spreadsheets becomes a handy tool, because it is quickly possible to arrive at the values.

Self-employed truck drivers
Just like the businessman, independent truckers also need to know their costs correctly, and how much they should charge their customers per freight. Even if the economy is in a delicate situation, it is also fundamental to know in detail about all the costs, and always try to respect a profit margin that can guarantee the health of the business.

Any kind of Professional or Company
The main advantages of the freight calculation spreadsheet to help you manage your business is to use a freight calculation spreadsheet to register and monitor the monthly results and make comparisons. Each spreadsheet will receive the data according to the vehicle selected, whether it is owned or outsourced, for both full and fractional freight, to form the full or partial costs.


Improves productivity
The management of your activities avoids errors and losses, helping to prevent situations or even obtain quick solutions for any eventuality.


Reduced customer waiting time
Using one of the freight calculation spreadsheets is advantageous for simplifying the company’s routine, since the costs are already registered and the results appear automatically, speeding up the time for other tasks and customer service. Inside the spreadsheet it is possible to have a freight simulator for the carrier.


The freight calculation spreadsheet has areas for vehicle registration, cubages, fixed expenses, variable expenses, indirect expenses, cost per day, cost per kilometer, and travel registration. Soon the employees and you can make consultations of the entries in a certain period, analyze the billing among other services.

With Frete com Lucro’s freight calculation spreadsheet one of the differentials is that you don’t need to make calculations, it will bring you the results. Another detail is that it can be used for both own fleet and outsourced fleet, being able to work with two types of vehicles.

The functionalities of the spreadsheets

In addition to the above, with the road freight calculation spreadsheets you can also

calculate the cubage of a cargo;

insert, one by one, all your fixed costs (direct and indirect);

insert, one by one, all your variable costs;

know exactly what the costs per day are for each truck in your fleet;

know exactly what are the costs per kilometer driven for each truck in your fleet;

calculate a net profit margin, per freight realized;

inform your customer the freight price per weight (kg or ton);

simulate different quotes and profit margins;

As well as, register the performed freights, to have a history and make comparisons.

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