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It is essential that companies adopt a strategic posture regarding their positioning, creating goals that will ensure their growth and not their stagnation. One of the best known methods for creating these goals and generating continuous improvement within the industry is the PDCA cycle (plan – do – check – act).

Plan: Establishes the expectations of a company in relation to a certain process. If the company’s goal is to reach a 100% success rate in its production, this is the point that the goals have to attack at this stage.
Do: Implement the plan determined in the planning stage. Collect data for mapping and analysis of next steps. Develop target indicators, which are always determined at the exit.
Check: Study the results generated via indicators and numbers. This step depends on other highly measurable steps. Results rate is not measured by employee “feeling”: success lies in developing more effective production control methods, and determining how much more effective they will be.
Act: Corrective measures that go back to step one of the process. At this point, the initial improvement project no longer exists: it has been improved, adapted and has become a personality apart from what was known as a process in the company.

🔥 PDCA Cycle Worksheet Start Dashboard:

1 – Overall Indicator (Number of members, groups, causes and actions)
2 – Planned Action Status Pie Chart.
3 – Reminder Card for the next 7 meetings.
4 – Specific Card of the Selected group.
4.1 – Description of the Group (Focuses of Action, Problems Analyzed and Indicators).
4.2 – Specific indicator (Number of members, groups, causes and actions).
4.3 – Status Bar Chart of Actions planned by the group.
4.4 – Group Finance: Goals vs. Accomplished.
5 – Fishbone diagram of all raised causes.

🔥 Registration:

1 – Registration of Company Areas
2 – Registration of Members
3 – Registration of Guidelines
4 – Registration of Meetings

🔥 Planning:

1 – Goal Planning
2 – Cause Planning
3 – Why Planning

🔥 Execution

🔥 Check And Act:

1 – Verification
2 – Action

PDCA Cycle Worksheet – Dashboard

PDCA Cycle Worksheet – Registration

PDCA Cycle Worksheet – Planning

PDCA Cycle Worksheet – Execution of Actions

PDCA Cycle Worksheet – Check and Act




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PDCA cycle worksheet

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