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How important is Excel? Leave a comment

Have you noticed that having an excel course is a common assumption in job descriptions? This tool can be used both to better control daily household expenses and to easily and quickly process large amounts of data at work.

Although Excel is a simple tool, there are a number of advanced features that most people are not aware of. This is a big mistake that many candidates make in interviews: they think they have an in-depth knowledge of the software, but in fact do not know how to create their own tables, freeze panes, filter data, use pivot tables, create macros, and so on.

We have put together some good reasons for you to understand the real importance of knowing how an advanced excel course can help you get ahead in life. Let’s go?


As mentioned before, having an online excel course is essential to get a competitive advantage. But it goes much further: mastering the platform is a prerequisite for entering the job market.

With knowledge in Excel, one can meet the basic requirements of modern companies and know how to perform their activities, especially in areas that require this technical knowledge, such as controlling the movement of resources.

Something extra for the company

As a professional you can give “something extra” to the company by knowing about excel.



Sales (or services);




Workers and wages;

Goals and forecasts;

And many other aspects.

Professionals in various positions can take advantage of this program. Every area with resources to manage, tangible or otherwise, has a great ally in Excel.

You can use the program to create controls, reports, charts, tables, lists, plans … With the right knowledge, the possibilities of using Excel are endless.

Important note: those who have an excel course can work with their own data or with data from external company systems such as Oracle, SQL Server and SAP. Just export your database to Excel.

Excel knowledge is not just a stretch on your resume, but a skill set. When researching keywords when hiring, you should know that simply writing “Excel” or “advanced Excel” on your resume is not that attractive to potential employers, even if they don’t know it.

Take advantage of your excel course on your resume! For example, dashboards, BBR, macros, VBA, conditional formatting, charts, filters … This shows that you really know this tool, not to mention that it demonstrates your analytical skills and is of great value to organizations.

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