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What is a work order? Leave a comment

In day-to-day business, people solve so many problems that they end up losing the true value of this work tool. However, knowing what a service order template is and the best way to prepare a document and its importance to optimize the work of external teams.

Regardless of your company’s line of business, standardized guidance for technicians will make the work much easier. Besides effectively managing the service providers that are at the customer’s, the document offers greater protection in the operation and organization of message delivery.

What is a service order anyway?

A service order pdf is a document that formalizes a service provided to a customer and serves as the starting point for the organization of work. With it, service providers can plan and organize service requirements while keeping the workflow under control.

The service order template can formalize actions such as software installation, cleaning, transportation, equipment maintenance, creation of advertising campaigns, consulting, and any other area of activity.

It can be created at the client’s request or, for example, through the definition of a contract, and is mandatory for the start of any service.

Therefore, we can say that the service request is an important internal communication tool to mobilize teams and prepare everyone to work in the company.

The document indicates what service will be provided, to whom and when, what materials and labor will be needed, how much it will cost, and other details that in an objective and orderly way start the production.

What is the importance of having a service order template?

The main function of requesting a service is to manage the task both in terms of customer expectations and team expectations.

With a service order excel you can control the time, work, and even resources invested in providing the service. Therefore, consistent use of the document can help you improve processes and optimize your working hours.

A service order is a great way to record and organize the actions a team needs to perform.

Thanks to the updates already made, the team is always aware of the service’s progress and can move forward with greater organization and precision.

In addition, it is easier to prioritize tasks, because all the conditions and details of the order are available in the OS.

How to set up your own service order pdf?

It is best if your company has a standardized service flow for your entire team. Therefore, it should contain all the necessary fields so that you have a document with all the necessary information at the end.

Creating a service request usually includes the following information:

● Name, address, and contact details of the customer;

● Name of the employee who will provide the service;

● Actions to be taken according to the contract;

● Comments;

● Date of request;

● Date of service execution;

● Service provider and customer signature fields.

Depending on your area of expertise, additional information may be required, such as:

● Equipment to be evaluated and/or repaired;

● Equipment needed for the procedure;

● Emergency procedures;

● Technical report;

● Liability statement;

● Warranty period.

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