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Converting PDF to Excel is a task that can be done easily and quickly with free websites. Tools like iLovePDF, easyPDF and Smallpdf allow you to convert documents to spreadsheets with a few clicks without registration.

This feature is useful for those who need to extract data from spreadsheets created in PDF and manipulate it in Microsoft Editor.

Here we list some sites that can Convert PDF to Excel for free.

ILovePDF is probably one of the most popular sites for editing files in this format. It offers features for combining and splitting files, compressing and converting content from one format to another. Options include a PDF to Excel alternative.

Open the service’s homepage, click on “PDF to Excel” and download the file. In the free version, the only limitation is that you can only upload one file at a time, batch conversion is not possible. Then wait for the XLS file to load.

The software’s interface is the first point that catches the eye, as it allows users to Convert PDF to Excel easily and intuitively, offering a pleasant experience at every step.

The platform allows various types of conversion, from converting PDF to JPG, through files such as Word, Excel, PPT, to the reverse process, creating a document from scratch to save it in PDF or other formats.

The program also has good editing features such as the ability to insert or delete text and images, mark important areas, password security and digital signatures for your documents.

Small PDF
Small PDF allows you to convert files directly from online sources, such as cloud storage. After Converting PDF to Excel, the converted files can be sent to the user’s device or uploaded to the desired cloud.

The platform supports the conversion task with files larger than 60 MB, which is important for PDF files. Besides, it is easy to use and allows converting PDF files into various formats: Word, Excel, PowerPoint and JPG.

PDF Converter
This is one of the most popular file transfer sites on the Internet and is 100% free. The details are such that it only does one conversion every 20 minutes. If you have several files that you want to convert from pdf to excel, you will have to wait.

The process is almost identical to the first site mentioned in this article. Select the file, enter a valid email address and the file format you want to create and click “convert”.

In a few seconds, your file will Convert PDF to Excel After the transfer, you can choose to download the file directly online or have it sent to your email.

The most overlooked feature of the small PDF is the inability to convert files in bulk. However, the free platform is a nice attraction.

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