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What is the Importance of Excel for the Job Market? Leave a comment

Every year it gets harder to get a job in small and medium-sized cities. Companies are increasingly looking for trained and qualified candidates, who already master several tools that will be useful in their professional activity, i.e., those who have an excel course stand out.

A software developed by Microsoft Corporation, it produces and organizes spreadsheets, performs calculations and separates elements, and is used by almost every company department in several sectors.

This kind of prior knowledge helps the professional to better adapt to the new role in society, speeds up the learning process, and significantly increases productivity. All this is very true for the company, as less onboarding time leads to more focus on the employees’ quest for results and, consequently, better benefits for the company.

How is the excel course valued in the finance industry?

Excel is widely used in the finance sector by companies of all sizes. You can handle complex cash flows, provide accessible tables and/or columns of records, production volumes, gross margins and net income.

In addition, it is easy to register workers and set up a salary discount schedule for more detailed reports.

By describing all reports in detail, and by enhancing the program and preparing templates for each month, you can get effective and specific financial control over your company’s reality. Therefore, it is essential for this sector that you have an online excel course.

In the consulting area

Consultancy work, as a rule, comprises three stages: diagnosis, solution proposal, and implementation. Some consulting firms perform only some parts of the process, while others perform all the steps.

In the diagnosis phase, it is time to understand the client’s problem. In this phase it is very common to talk to the contractor’s teams, point out problems and request information. This is where the drama begins … you will probably end up with dozens of Excel spreadsheets with several databases of several hundred or thousands of rows, worksheets, and reports.

This data often contains problems: mismatched names between tables, errors, missing data, incomplete databases, swapped IDs, and any other mess you can think of. The consultant’s initial job is to clean house to begin interpreting the data and generating reports to support the diagnosis. All of this will require sufficient information manipulation skills, as the quality of reading the data is critical to the quality of the diagnosis. And so more than ever, a person with an excel course is what will get the job.

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