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Excel: What Are the Mandatory Worksheets for All Entrepreneurs? Leave a comment

Attention entrepreneur, if your company still doesn’t use these spreadsheets, your business may be losing money!
As my grandfather would say “spreadsheets are like a car for the pilot, he will always need to use one”.

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Ok, maybe my grandfather never said this, however, it does not diminish the value of a good spreadsheet for a company.

If you still think that spreadsheets are boring and should only be used as a last resort, you are sorely mistaken. Excel is probably one of the most used tools by businesses around the world.

Its efficiency, number of tools, and deliverability make it one of the most beloved tools in the business world and here in Brazil it is no different.

However, even with dozens of benefits, some companies insist on working the “wrong way” and end up not using the tool.

You see, I know that Excel may not be the most fun or simple tool, however, it is one of the most important for any business!

Stores, restaurants, pharmacies, supermarkets, hospitals, and online businesses. All of these businesses make use of Excel!

After all, all businesses need to do financial control, cash flow, control the outgoing and incoming goods, product inventory, payroll, HR, fleet, and budget delivery!

Excel can deliver all this and much more (when you use the right spreadsheets of course).

I already use spreadsheets but I don’t know how to use them yet.
No problem! We at excelcoaching will help you. Throughout the month of May, we will publish some articles focused on the use of Excel at a professional level.

So be sure to check the site daily to follow the content! Remember that they will be 100% free.

What are the essential spreadsheets my company must have?
Well, I’ll be honest with you.

We have thousands of different niches and just like a person, each business has its particularity and individuality, so the most sensible thing to do is to understand what are the most common sectors in almost every company, and then use the best spreadsheets.

Every company needs, not respectively has the following sectors:

Some companies even choose to outsource their accounting and HR services, so the choice is up to the entrepreneur and his or her niche!

Following this line of reasoning, the most important spreadsheets to keep a business running are:

Financial control (complete with DRE, cash flow and incoming and outgoing amounts).
Sales (salesperson, customers, and products).
Maintenance management (service orders, cost control, and charts).
Team management and HR (coaching and people management).
A good company needs great tools
After all, every good professional is dated with experience, above-average qualifications, and great tools!

Besides, how will your business grow without the necessary tools? How will you support the increase of customers, order entry, and financial control while your system is not ready?

To grow, you need to invest! Invest in yourself, in your company, and in your future. And don’t forget, you thought of spreadsheets, you thought of excelcoaching.

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