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Understand what is the importance of a monthly Excel spreadsheet of expenses and how to have a tool for financial control has become essential to the life of companies and families.

Learning to control income and expenses is a matter of survival, not only for individuals but also for many companies, because today nobody wants to “close the month in the red” and we know what a nightmare it is to lack the financial resources to fund the day to day activities.

For almost everything in life there is a cost, the entrepreneur knows that one cannot look only at the revenue, it is necessary to know how much the enterprise will cost, because only after counting the costs can we analyze the profit.

It’s not only in the business world that we think about costs and expenses, a family also needs to have in hand its Family Budget (personal expenses spreadsheet).

Avoiding lack of financial resources for day-to-day supplies, such as food and education, and also building reserves for times of surprises such as illness and financial crises has become a subject of much research on the internet.

There are several ways to control our money, the best known is the cost table made by hand, with notebook and pen, but when you have many expenses, many entries, over time it becomes very difficult to reconcile and analyze, becoming a real burden.

Today with the new technologies everyone has access to computers, and with them to software that helps make our lives easier.

One of the most used tools to build a monthly expenses spreadsheet is Excel.

ExcelCoaching has a Financial Control Spreadsheet that helps you control your monthly expenses in a practical and easy way, using the best practices of the market for building a spending control spreadsheet.

With controls for Real Cash Flow, Income Statement DRE, Bank Reconciliation, Accounts Receivable and Payable, Cost Center, and others.

There are more than 12 reports to help you in total, to help you control your expenses.

Control your monthly expenses with the financial control spreadsheet.

Simple Spreadsheet – You don’t need to know Excel to use it
Complete Spreadsheet – Has everything you need in cash flow with Actual and Projected views
Automatic – Generates printable reports and graphs ready for decision making
Functional – With financial dashboard to help decision making
See the financial control spreadsheet video tutorial:

Access Our Financial Spreadsheets:


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